Contest number 2

People enjoy building things, so this contest should be generally easy for all people!

You will have to build a Hangout place with any atmosphere you want, and have something to do besides hang out.

I'll explain this in more detail right now.

What we're looking for.

We are looking for unique hangouts MADE BY YOU ONLY. The goal is not to have many scripts, nor is it to make the place super expansive.
All you have to do is make a hangout place with a few fun activities, with any type of theme you want. Focus your hangout on socializing, and activities.

Scripts are NOT required. This contest is solely based on building skills. (Scripting can help your chances of winning though)

How to enter

To enter the contest and submit your entry, follow the instructions here! We will be judging the contest, and we will be giving the prizes.


1st place) Dominus Pittacium and 1000 Dius.
2nd place) Dominus Pittacium and 800 Dius.
3rd place) Dominus Pittacium and 500 Dius.
4th-10th) 200 Dius.


the deadline for entering the contest is August 25th. we will judge and reveal the winners by the 30th.


We are having a second contest. This time the theme is to build a hangout place with activities based on whatever theme you want your hangout to be. Scripting is not required, and will not be the focus when we judge. contact @Carmendar or @Niall on the Finobe discord to submit your entry.

also the winners of the previous contest never got their prizes, so at the end of this contest, we will give those winners their prizes too!