You may have noticed the big green announcement that leads to a video hosted on our site if you click on it. Why is it there? Why is the video about the owner of Graphictoria? To put it simply, one of our staff members made a video calling out EnergyCell and it was reported to YouTube where it was originally uploaded. Ray decided to port it over to the site to ensure the safety of the video, and with that the birth of a new era begins.

More videos will come, but not a lot. We're strapped for cash and videos are big. Only when we can achieve a solid way to upload videos without fear of taking up more than half of our available space will you see further development in the service. If this does come into fruition, it will only be for important videos made by the staff team. Keep your eyes peeled though! There is no doubt that at least one more video will grace this site soon.

We hope you've been enjoying Finobe. An effort will be made to revive it and hopefully our work isn't for nothing. It's a labor of love!