Finobe October Press Release

The month of September saw many advancements in the development of Finobe, both in the community and on the site.

September was a very eventful month, seeing the very anticipated end to Graphictoria and the catalog reset on the very last day of the month. We understand that many people were not happy with the drama, and we hope that nothing like the events that unfolded with TEO E+G and the nearly two year-long war with EnergyCell will never happen again. We will finally be able to start fresh and clean.

Drama and the consequences

We released many videos about EnergyCell and Graphictoria on our YouTube channel. Two of them were striked by EnergyCell and his fanbase, but luckily they can still be watched on our site. Neon Genesis Graphictoria and TEO E+G [Documentary]. Unfortunately, the two strikes that were sent to our YouTube channel rendered us unable to upload the channel for quite some time, and this restriction is still in effect with no absolute date for the lifting of the restriction known .

Catalog Reset

The catalog reset resulted in mixed feelings, of which we expected. We tried to prepare our community for the event with an update video on our YouTube channel detailing the events that would have unfolded with the reset. Unfortunately, we made a mistake after resetting it and had to reset the catalog once more a day afterwards, this time giving everyone 50 extra Dius for their troubles.

Halloween Celebration

Users may have seen some new versions of our classic logo on the discord server. We hope to get these onto the site as soon as possible!

Finobe Halloween Logo

We will also be releasing halloween-themed hats across the month which we hope you'll enjoy.

What we're working on is an event for the month, and we are going to try our hardest to execute much more flawlessly than the Graphictoria 2016 Halloween event. Unlike the Graphictoria event, any hats you find in-game will automatically be added to your inventory upon discovery in-game, and there will be a bran new custom map created by our event team!

Right now you can by the Pumpkin Head for a limited time only!

New Features

Raymonf is working hard on new features! Limiteds, Trading and Selling hats are just some of these features. We're happy to let you know that these features will be available to every single user! No special membership needed. The catalog will also receive a featured items page that will be set to the default page, and items will have a much cleaner preview box!

enter image description here


As always, we are very grateful when people donate to us. We've received a few donations recently which have been a really big help in the development of finobe. We still have not reached a goal yet, and can always use some more help! You are not obligated to donate, but if you are interested then you can find out how to on our Discord Server. Donations will allow us to host our own 24/7 servers in the future and possibly offer dedicated servers to the entire website! We try our hardest to remain ad-free, but this unfortunately comes with a costly side effect.


The development of finobe is speeding up greatly, and as new features arrive the site takes it's shape more and more. We hope you are satisfied with the way our site is turning out!