Hello world!

So, we released a so-called "Diu Miner" 2 days ago. Since then, we've paid out approximately 16,000 Dius (sixteen thousand).

That's where the problem comes in: we aren't really getting much for the amount we're paying out. In contrast, that's the equivalent of $160.

We currently have 0.01 XMR, which is $1. Let that sink in for a moment: we've given out $160, but only received $1 - which we can't even use due to a 0.5 XMR cash-out requirement ($50 or so).

As of today, the "diu" part has been removed. You can still mine to support Finobe, but we will not be able to give out Dius anymore.

Also, some people were abusing cloud services like rabb.it to mine. That's shady. I would like to re-iterate that Finobe is still not for profit. All donations are used for the Nobelium project(s).

Some people may view this as greed. We're pulling it so we don't make the "economy" worth even less than what it's worth. Therefore, view it as you'd like.

Sorry about that, guys.