Hey people, as you might've seen, the Giftsplosion began recently. We already have 2 gifts at the time of writing this article, but let's look into some future ones.


Right now we have 2 gifts, those are the "Friendly Gift of Twitter Connect" and "Agonizingly Ugly Gift of The Scrooge".

If you were able to get the Friendly Gift of Twitter Connect, then you recieved the Epic Face. This gift was rare and only around ~80 people got it due to it's time limit.

Now, the Agonizingly Ugly Gift of The Scrooge is really ugly. And the word scrooge in the title isn't there for no reason. Just before the gift was released, the hat "Classic Scrooge" was made avaliable. Try wearing it for a while. Yeah the hat is kind of ugly, but, it was said that the Agonizingly Ugly Gift of The Scrooge comes to the people with the ugliest Scrooge hat.


A little birdie told me that a new gift called The Mining Gift of Hashes is going to drop in a few days. mining-gift-of-hashes-1
Mining? Hashes? Sounds to me like the hash miner page on the site. Maybe if you get enough hashes on the miner you can get this gift. Here's the link https://finobe.com/miner


That's all for now, but keep checking back for more later on. I will be updating this page with new gifts all the time through out december.

Happy holidays!