Hello world! We've just released places. That's about it.

Sorry it took so long. Let's hope for a good launch!

Great, now we can start explaining.

The minimum version required is Finobe 2012 version 1.7.1. 2007 is not getting places.

Places are games. That is, they are levels that you upload to the website, and will be available to every user. It requires no port forwarding or self-hosting.

For that reason, places are generally considered more secure by the staff team. Also, the friendship APIs work. That means you will be able to send, accept, and deny friend requests in-game!

Every user will have 2 of what we call "place slots". These are essentially a bunch of numbers that allow you to create a place. In the future we'll have something relating to money since we can't scale up with no money.

How to start

To start, click your user on the navigation bar and select "Create".

Create button

Then, there's this big trophy cup button (we couldn't figure out a better icon, but we're open to suggestions):

Place button

Afterwards, enter in a name and description. You can set further options later on. There's a bit of text on the top, as well, which shows how many place slots you have.

Editing your place

Oh, this part's easy. Just press the "edit in Studio" button. It just works. That is, until it doesn't.

Edit in Studio

Just make sure you save by pressing File > Publish in Studio.

If you want to set gear genres, click the gear to the right of the name. You can hover over the bomb icon to see what the allowed genres are.

Playing your game

Just press the big button that says "play". Um, it's not that hard to figure out. It's really big and says "play". Literally.

Literally play Note: This is an image of a button, clicking it won't do anything

So go out there and make stuff I guess. Special thanks to Slappy for literally everything :joy: