Hello world!

We will be releasing places soon, so we're going to have to go over something: the verified hoster rank.

For a while now, verified hosters have had some benefits that normal users did not have. Some of these had been removed already, prior to today. Those benefits included:

  • The ability to have persistent games in the server list without being purged
  • 10 extra Dius daily
  • A cool blue rank title

We've decided to remove the first two benefits in favour of the upcoming places feature. Using places instead of self-hosted servers promotes security and makes it easier for us to re-implement more features.

However, the rank will stay. Those in the official Discord server will keep their ranks and special channel.

I'll end this post with huge thank you to the verified hosters that have hosted for the last year, making Finobe alive. Without you guys, Finobe would have died very quickly.