A new update was released yesterday to attempt to mitigate a few issues. Here are the changes:

  • Updated typesetter that does somewhat CJK fallback

Unfortunately, CJK input isn't supported just yet. When that's fixed, you'll likely be able to input non-English Latin characters directly as well.

Excerpt from 「朱麗安尼 : 特朗普競選團隊或許與俄羅斯有過串通」

In addition, at this point, Unicode string length retrieval has not been implemented either.

  • Reverted Latin font to Source Sans Pro
  • Possible fix for people missing the UI (by embedding scripts for the player)
  • Added LayerCollector.ResetOnSpawn (only works if PlayerGui.ResetPlayerGuiOnSpawn is off)
  • Moved around some things in the content folder
  • Moved everything to Finobe instead of Finobe_Penelope (feel free to delete the folder manually in AppData\Local)
  • Changed studio shortcut name to Finobe Studio
  • Fixed ContentProvider cache folder name
  • Reduced download size by ~30mb

Known issues:

  • Not a lot of testing has been done with the new typesetter update
  • The developer console seems to have squished text

If you get stuck in a download loop, or your character doesn't load, uninstall and reinstall. This shouldn't be an issue if you didn't update in the first 5 minutes of the update being released.