Finobe 5 was released today as an experiment to see how Finobe would be without LMaD ("let's make a deal"). It's available right now, and you can get your own account and play on it by going to

Although the page is titled "account transfer", it doesn't touch your main Finobe account. Finobe 5 is a completely separate website hosted on the domain, because why not?

Main differences

  • The catalog will not have any shitposts. Only serious hats. For the time being, we're not going to upload any custom assets. The custom assets on the catalog will stay, since they were added due to a miscommunication, but don't expect them for a while.
  • The catalog is completely free. There are no paid assets on the catalog. You can buy anything that's on sale for free.
  • As mentioned earlier, Finobe 5 is completely separate from the main website. Everything has a clean slate, for the most part.
  • As mentioned earlier [2], there are no LMaD elements on the website. If something hasn't been removed, it will be. In other words, there is no trading and no selling.
  • You get 50 Dius per day instead of 25. Dius will be used as a way to rate limit user actions on the website, like creating places and assets.
  • Place slots cost 75 Dius each instead of 1,250 as on the main website.
  • The website will have slightly stricter administration. That is, the catalog should be cleaner than the main site's for the foreseeable future. Admins won't be able or "allowed" to run around and destroy games with their laser pointers anymore.

The main reason I've decided to create Finobe 5 is to see how the community would be without LMaD. Something I've noticed over the past year is that a ton of toxicity comes out of the LMaD community.

Some history

In late 2018, Davi and I thought about a version of Finobe where it would be somewhat "communist". There would be a system where people would donate or mine cryptocurrency in order to reach certain goals, and reaching certain goals meant gaining rewards. This is one step in that direction, although we're not quite sure if we're ever going to fulfill that dream.

The Finobe LMaD community was born a little bit after the catalog reset (when the Finobe catalog was reset and all wearable assets that weren't user-creatable were removed). Trading and selling items was part of a suggestion by Whimee to create a virtual economy that had "value" to some users.

At that point, I considered it a technical exercise on my part, especially since I had no idea how LMaD was like on the real deal. Writing the system went smoothly, but it created a system where people would compromise older accounts with limiteds or uniques in order to trade them off or sell them for real money. That is definitely not okay in my moral book, and is most definitely against our rules. But that doesn't stop other people from doing it, does it?

As I've said earlier, I've noticed that a ton of toxicity comes out of the LMaD community. It's very apparent that quite a bunch of drama queens are present in the LMaD community, even if they refuse to acknowledge it themselves. I understand that I am alienating a rather large portion of the Finobe community by saying this, but it's the truth. As a side note, they don't consider themselves part of the Finobe community in the first place.

Over the past year, I've heard from many admins that Uni, our main catalog admin, (mostly) keeps getting harrassed by none other than those of the LMaD community. I was furious when I first found out, yet felt powerless. A lot of the admins, including myself, wanted to tear LMaD out of the website code the first time it happened, but the truth was that the main Finobe site was already too far in to go back. We couldn't pull off another catalog reset (as we've done once already) - things were simply too intertwined. Even if LMaD is a cancer, it's true that some people worked hard for what they have now. They may be just some virtual items, but they have value to the owners.

When Uni decided she no longer wanted to be in the LMaD Discord server and nearly quit due to most of the community always being a complete asshole to her, that was when I realized something needed to change. I want to see if tearing LMaD out of the site code will change anything.

Shortly after, I actually took a look at the catalog with a different perspective. What I saw was shitposts on top of shitposts. I've asked the admins to remove what they can, but what's out there is certainly used by someone. It's difficult to do anything when everything is so intertwined, as mentioned before. That's why the no-shitpost rule exists for admins. Only time will tell if it actually works.

The logical side of my brain knows that that this won't do much. If anything, Finobe 5 will die probably in the next week. I don't know how long I'll keep Finobe 5 up for. Finobe 5 is nothing more than Finobe with a smaller userbase and honestly, smaller everything. But why not try? Hell, perhaps Finobe 5 could even become the next main site for Finobe. Anything* is possible.

A conclusion

Simply put, Finobe 5 is an experiment. When Finobe started in 2017, it didn't have LMaD, but it had a "monetized" catalog system. I want to see how Finobe is without either of them.

If you head over to, you'll be able to get a registration link that takes you to creating a Finobe 5 account. It currently uses your main website username to create your Finobe 5 account. That may change in the future.

Finobe 5 currently has both the 2012 client and the 2016 client, similar to the main site. If it doesn't perish in the first week, it could become a test website where new clients are tested out every now and then. Don't count on that, though.

Thanks for reading. Let's see how everything goes.

* most things