Happy 2020, Finobe! Been a little bit since we’ve announced once of these little things, hasn’t it? Oh, how time flies. We haven’t had one since Halloween, whoops. Rest assured, we haven’t forgotten… or at the very least, we’ve remembered now. Let’s start off with the logistics.

The contest will begin from the time of this post going live. Go nuts. The contest will end on April 1st, now officially known as “Funny Day.” Results will be posted sometime after.

The contest itself is quite simple: create a funny place. Of course, funny is subjective, so places will also be scored based on effort. The staff team will vote on a scale from 1-10 how funny they think the place is, and how much effort they think has been put in. Yes, believe it or not, you can put effort into shitposts, which is exactly what we're looking for here. Prizes are TBD; expect some silly items though. All participants will recieve the "Finobe Funny 2020 Sign" as long as their entry has effort put into it. Entries with clearly no effort put in will be disqualified and will not even be voted on.

Finobe Funny 2020 Sign

  1. Most importantly, put effort into your game. Even if you're not a good builder, it's quite obvious to tell if effort was put in or not. We're not asking for you to create some impossibly insane and epic build, we just want to see that you tried and had fun in the process.
  2. Please don't abuse free models. A few can be funny, but we're looking for stuff that you create, not the free model library creates. Using free models does not take much effort at all.
  3. Please create something new. I know that many of you have created games already that you are proud of and think are funny. That's great, however it's not really participating in the contest if you just submit something you've already made. It's also not fair to others who are creating something from scratch; something you've been working on for a year can be much better than something that's only been worked on for a month. If we catch you submitting a game that we've played already, you will be disqualified. Making small edits to a game to make it 'new' doesn't count either; people have tried this in previous contests. Spoiler alert: we noticed.
  4. Use common sense on if something is allowed. There are other rules that can be said, however they should all be common sense. If you have any further questions regarding the rules or anything at all, please ask on this forum post. The main post will be updated with answers to any questions asked, so please keep it all there to keep things clean. Thank you!

The goal of this contest is to make a more accesible and enjoyable contest for everyone. Contests that are purely just who can make the best build can be discouraging to enter, and most of the time it'll be the same few people winning. I hope that more people feel they can enter this contest even if they're not the best builder, as even if your builds don't look great as long as it's obvious that effort was put in then you won't lose points for that. Please have fun with this contest; I can't wait to check out all the entries! Submit your entries to me via PMs onsite here.

Please enjoy this contest! See you in April!

That is all. We are Finobe.