Update 3 (for real this time): I'll be perfectly clear. Our plan for the third map was a mess. It dates back to an attempt to remake the joke "Egg Hunt 2020" in which we wanted to not only make it good this time but also have an expansion with a "Past Earth" map. Now, this remake was canned for several reasons but the biggest one has to be that I regret making the joke place in the first place. I'd like to issue a public apology to Rocket for using his ideas in any way as well as the egg that he took offense to. With that out of the way, back to the "Past Earth" map. In the end, before deciding to cancel this hunt, this was an area of the map that was already canned due to nobody really agreeing on what it should be. No one really knew what "Past Earth" was; pre-historic? Just old ROBLOX? This direction was never found. This map was scrapped yet again due to this. Ideally, next week there was going to be one final world to wrap up the small plotline there originally was (however it never really got referenced much, a lot of things were too ambitious for our first project.) I made the hard decision today to call it quits and cancel that map too. I don't think with the current morale of the team that we could make a map that lives up to expectations, let alone our standards. We hope our next event can be made under better circumstances. We have personal lives outside of Finobe and we still have responsibilities outside of Finobe. Just like regular human beings, we can feel negative emotions such as stress. We are also experiencing the quarantine. A lot of us don't like being locked in our houses all day. We may have plenty of free time, but that doesn't mean that we feel motivated or even want to work on stuff for an old ROBLOX site that gives us no gain of any sort. There's no monetization, there's no real goal here except trying to make something fun for the community to enjoy. This is just a hobby for us. Please respect our lives, and please respect our decision to know when to call it quits rather than just making something that we aren't able to put in the effort we wish we could that would just disappoint you. Despite what you think, we're humans just like you. We live in the same world you live in. The world is not always kind. Thank you for enjoying our event. The feedback has been great for what we did accomplish, and I'm very proud of the team for getting it made.

Special thanks to Peppo (TonyZaret) and Hitius for being our scripters. Peppo did an amazing job on the dialog system (which Raymonf helped improve, give him a hand too) that served as a great backbone for the event and will most likely be used to help guide us along in the future.

Special thanks to our builders consisting of Lums (Lumsden84), Linguni, Gamestop, Xolbor, BrianGriffen, and Tyler (Explosive) for their fantastic work on the maps. (As well as Peppo and Hitius, as well as iagoMAO, Stormer, and Davi popping in to help early on with the city.)

The maps will be kept up until the end of the month. This includes today's "4/20 4/20 4/20 4/20" map. Make sure to pick up everything while you have the chance!

Thank you for playing, everyone. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you enjoyed the 4/20 event.

Update 3... sort of: Alright, this update isn't very fun to type out. The idea of this event was to keep engagement in the event throughout the month with weekly new worlds to explore and items to collect. Updates to previous worlds to give reason to return to them, etc. The idea for this event and the creation of an event of this scale for our team didn't have as much time as I would've liked. We were able to deliver the first world on the planned due date, and the second world was a day late. The third world is planned to be bigger and more involved than both of those if all things go well. I'll just be honest here: it's not ready. Rather than rush out a poorly made map, I've made the decision that this week will be a break week. I'm thinking of going back to the existing worlds and adding some new items so there's still a little more to do, but there isn't going to be a whole new world. Our team has online schooling, morale is getting rather low due to the impact the virus is having, and it's just not ready. This is partially my fault for having a few rather ambitious ideas without enough time to fully realize them, as well as for kind of slacking in managing and making sure that the work is done so far. To make up for it, more items will be added to the first two worlds and the hub like I said, as well as possibly some catalog items. Keep your eyes on this blog post, the forums, and the #announcements channel in our Discord server. Thank you for your patience. I hope you've enjoyed the event so far!

Update 2.1: I screwed up, and a few finishing touches were rushed by myself solo before releasing. They should have been completed a bit cleaner and it should not have released in the state it was. Despite the day delay, it was late anyways. I'm sorry. There's a gear on the catalog parodying the old "Blame John" meme from the old ROBLOX forum days. Feel free to pick it up, it costs nothing. (Update: it now costs a few dius. Blame Tommy.) Spawning is fixed; you no longer get stuck on the roof. Obby bricks no longer kill you, they will instead send you back to the beginning of that obby. Sorry again.

Update 2: Drake's Factory is now open! Take the 4:20AM tour through Drake's lovely factory! Why stick to regulations when there's treasure to be found? You're not supposed to be back here... but who will stop you? That Gravity Coil sure seems enticing but one might imagine it's locked up for a reason. But hey, how else will you explore and find 3 cool hats? That room at the end of the hall seems suspicious... there's a small hole against the back wall but you can't quite reach. Looks like you may need that coil after all.

Update 1.2: One final item has been added to Finobe City! In a rather empty corner with not much else to see, find a hidden friend to recieve one final hat. Michael P's body colors were also fixed. Another small quality of life update or two may come to this world, but no more new items. Happy hunting!

Update 1.1: A new gear has been added! An area once empty now has a new item for you to find and claim. A few visual indicators to help find the item after the completion of the construction site climb, as well as a few Finobe logos to replace old ones that were removed late in development.

Update 1: Welcome to Finobe City, the nicest place around! Deforestation, sketchy drug dealers, and construction as far as the eye can see. I couldn't think of a better place to live, can you? Your goal here is to find your weed dealer and obtain a new batch of weed. Talk to NPCs by clicking on them, and explore to find some secret items! There are currently 2 hats and 1 face to collect; more will be added overtime. Please follow along with this blog and the announcements channel in the Finobe server to know of any updates. Please enjoy, and here's a teaser for the next world!

Unstable? Sounds a bit... unsafe... but who cares? See you on Monday!

April 2020, an entire month of 4/20. What's a better way to celebrate a full month of weed than a full month of weed event madness? Announcing for the first time to the public, this year's 4/20 event!

In the past few months, we've made a lot of 'events.' I think only one of those could be considered a proper 'event' and not just... whatever the other ones have been. The intent has been to make some silly jokes that may have not really been funny to anyone else, but that's besides the point. We have a new team of users as Event Staff and have been working hard on our first legitimate project: this year's 4/20 event! A lot of hard work and effort has been and will continue to be put into this event so all of you can enjoy it. We're of course, hoping for a smooth launch, however please keep in mind that we're all only human. If the launch of the event isn't as smooth as we'd like, please be patient as we do our best to remedy it. This is our first event with our new team; it's most likely going to be a bit rocky. We'll be doing our best to make this experience as enjoyable as possible!

This year's 4/20 event will last an entire month, with new worlds unlocking each Monday up to the end of the month (sans the first world, coming tomorrow). Each level will have one main item to acquire, as well as a few hidden secrets. Be sure to explore!

We'll be doing our best to provide the most enjoyable event we can, and we really hope that you like it! This post will be updated with more details when the event is out each week; see you tomorrow!