Hello world! Here is the changelog:

Input v2

I rewrote the keyboard input system again. This time, it should work better. I killed the F1 wiki shortcut, too.

Important: The UseOldKeyboard toggle is now GONE (well, it still exists, but it doesn't actually do anything). Some players relied on this to have a usable keyboard. Hopefully, this should no longer be needed. I've tested the ABNT2 layout and it seems to work okay. Let me know if your keyboard layout is broken (for example, the UK layout hasn't been tested).

Edit: Some keyboard layouts (like Latin American QWERTY) use Shift+7 or some other similar key combo for typing /. I've implemented a hack that detects if you've ever pressed a dedicated / key, and if you haven't, it'll accept Shift+7 as a slash.

Also, there's some pretty janky support for input method editors (IMEs) that do inline composition, like the Japanese IME for Windows. It looks a little like this:

Lua utf8

I guess this is pretty self-explanatory. I compiled Finobe with a backport of the Lua 5.3 utf8 library. That means we have utf8 functions now, like utf8.sub!

Crash Dump Uploads

In the near future, I will implement an endpoint that sends me crash dumps to help fix crashes. This is just a notice that I am indeed planning to collect crash dumps now.

That is all. We are Finobe.