You might need to fix your game's FMeshParts. There have been some FMeshPart changes.

  • Resizing the FMeshPart will cause a recalculation of the physics data. You might want to use the Size property instead of the scale tool. We're still investigating scaling physics data based on size changes.
  • The part shows up when there's no mesh now, though the texture looks different from how it looks on real Studio.
Close, but not quite. It's good enough though.
  • Many optimizations related to physics recalculation (that is, when to recalculate).
  • TextureId has been renamed to TextureID.
  • Other stuff, probably.
Changes Unrelated to FMeshParts
  • A potential crash due to sounds has been fixed.
  • PlayerGui:SetTopbarTransparency can now take values from [0, 1] instead of just 0 and 0.5.
  • Mesh format version 3.00 will now load without LOD data, meaning the mesh will be rendered at its full quality at all times.

A second update was released with these changes:

  • game:ClearContentCache() (added by Khang)
  • Fixed a bug where FMeshParts would not load textures correctly
  • Fixed mesh version 3.00 loading the wrong faces, causing UV issues

That is all. We are Finobe.