Slappy added (backported) a ton of new things yesterday. Here's the gist of it:

  • Player.Team, Team:GetPlayers, and the events Team.PlayerAdded and Team.PlayerRemoved
  • The Sky Instance now has SunTextureId, MoonTextureId, SunAngularSize, and MoonAngularSize as properties
  • Lighting.ClockTime has been added (Lighting.TimeOfDay as a number/float).
  • ForceField.Visible has been added
  • Explosion.Visible has been added
  • Decal.Color3 has been added
  • The ClickDetector.RightMouseClick event and ClickDetector.CursorIcon property have been added
  • HttpService:GetAsync and HttpService:PostAsync now have the headers property to send headers to a server
  • Humanoid.FloorMaterial has been added

Aside from that, we continue our goal of modernizing the codebase. We've removed some more boost things.

That is all. We are Finobe.