Important: Read this section first.

Originally, the staff (and others) collaborated to write a public statement on the megu and Debian situation. After we thought we were done, we received some information that essentially proved that megu is not fully innocent, but in a different way.

Please note that we are not explicitly calling megu a predator or not a predator. Make your own conclusions. We will not be explaining those parts as it's not particularly relevant to this blog post.

The statement has been altered accordingly with new information.

tl;dr: We don't like revenge plots. Nobody is innocent in this. Everyone is full of shit.

Regarding l'événement megu:

As most within the Finobe community know by now, “grooming” accusations were made in a forum post that showed messages between megu and Debian. They quickly gained attention and popularity in both the forums and in the Discord server. We soon established that our team would discuss these events and come to a conclusion in regards to these accusations at a later date, and after a few hours of constant arguing and investigation, here are our conclusions.

We have determined that the entire situation was a targeted and coordinated attack against megu.

  • Debian originally told megu that they were 16. The message was edited today after the forum post was made, in order to conform with the forum post’s contents. Thus, all conversations were made under the assumption that both users were of the same age.
Original message
Altered message
  • These screenshots were not leaked by Debian. He chose not to report this situation. He does not have contact with the creator of the post, who goes by the username “DuckHunt”.

We now leave the following unrelated screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

(from Debian)

As such, the user vote for keeping regen unbanned has been rescinded and therefore nullified. We have decided to ban regen, megu, DuckHunt, and Debian. That is:

  • regen has been permanently banned for what is essentially manipulation.
  • megu is staying permanently banned due to prior incidents.
  • DuckHunt has been permanently banned for spreading a narrative using misinformation.
  • Debian has been banned for 1 month for helping fabricate content.

This is the second accusation made against a Finobe user without merit in the last month. We take these very seriously. Even if any parts of the accusations are accurate, we do not take the use of fabricated information lightly. Consider this a warning: make sure your accusations are accurate in premise before you post it. We will not allow Finobe to become a platform like Twitter, where cancel culture takes priority over facts.

We appreciate your attention. That is all. We are Finobe, and so are you (maybe).