Personally, I'm kind of done.

  • The community is awful.
  • Finobe costs too much to run at this moment, which causes a financial burden.
  • Having to do all of this stuff is really stressful in general.
  • For some reason y'all hate the Kohai Fish and it's kinda cringe.

Most of you have seen what I've been talking about in Discord. However, I've been pretty clear that I have not confirmed a shutdown, though one is possible.

I'll skip to the chase: I don't want any part in the future of Finobe, but apparently certain admins want to just deal with everything. That means I'll be done with the community. If we do this, the site will have to be rewritten. And honestly, that's fine with me.

Let's talk about website performance for a bit: it's trash. In the beginning, I chose ease of development over performance, which has proven to be a problem over the years. While I've done a lot of work this year to optimize a lot of the website (including moving a lot of the website to what I could potentially call production quality services), I don't see enough improvement for the amount of effort put in. However, we're still using the same servers as before, which means the cost per month is still the same. Let us talk financials now.

The site costs an exorbitant amount of money to run per month. For context, one game server costs $90 per month to run, and there are the two other web servers that we have. Feel free to take a wild guess as to how much the site costs to run (though I will not confirm any figures if you are not an admin). Yet, we're still seeing performance that I do not personally see as acceptable. The site takes–on average–some 20-50ms per response. That's good! However, if it takes an ungodly amount of money to get that performance, that's bad. I'm hoping you see the correlation here. If you don't, it's basically big money = low to medium performance, which is not sustainable especially for a small project like Finobe. And yes, I pay taxes for Finobe. While I can write the server costs as an expense, the annoying part is paying taxes for the money that hasn't been used yet. That's the least of my problems, but it's still stressful at the end of the year. But whatever.

So why would I rewrite the site if Finobe were to not die? Well, simply put, I don't want to take donations in the future. We have a semi-significant amount of currency available for use in the future still, but I'd need to work on making the Finobe website run on something like a Raspberry Pi, and it'd have to run well.

Thus, the plan as of today is to rewrite Finobe so that it's fast enough to comfortably run on a machine like a Raspberry Pi. After that's done, I'll only do maintenance in the background. The site will be fully run and moderated by the administrators. Someone might be a head admin or something. That part isn't quite clear yet. The new site may never reach feature parity with the old site. It'll probably be a trimmed down version. At least that much is clear right now.

I can't guarantee that the admins will decide to keep the current catalog or its assets. In any case, if a wipe happens, then donators (at least from the past 6-8 months) will be compensated well. I also can't guarantee that the site will continue to be called Finobe, either. A rebrand to something like "Kohai Fish Block Game" is not out of the question.

I release this as a possible plan for the future of Finobe. If things don't work out, we'll probably still shut down. In both cases, I'll be out of the picture which makes me somewhat relieved.

That's all for now. Please don't bother me with any more of this stupid shutdown stuff. I'm more or less fine. I appreciate people asking me if I am, but it's just kind of annoying. I don't know if you guys have caught the drift yet, but I don't like the attention. So please stop. Also, please stop sending me friend requests on Discord. I beg of you. Please.