Hello all.

I've finished moving the Finobe site (and thumbnail server) to the new server. Here's the gist of it:

  • The thumbnails are now rendered in software mode, as opposed to being rendered by a physical GPU. You shouldn't really notice a large difference - the previous GPU was just an integrated GPU from some random Intel CPU.
  • I did some backend upgrades while I was at it. Most parts of the site don't have good test coverage, so some things may be broken. Let me know if you see any weird errors. I think I've ironed 99% of them out, though.
  • You'll have to log back in as a result of those backend upgrades. Your data is slightly more secure, though, as a result of those upgrades.
  • The wiki will be moved tomorrow, probably. That's still on the old server. I can't be assed to bother with that trash tonight.
  • The game server will likely be moved to the 2012 one in the near future (either in early or late January). Each game server will be limited to around 10-20% CPU. This won't cause an issue for games without viruses at all.
  • The site time was wrong for a few moments. That has been rectified, but some times may be slightly awkward from those few moments. It's not a big deal, though, since the difference between UTC and server time is only -5 hours. Things will correct themselves and look "normal" in the near future. Whatever.

On another note, Crowdin is going away soon due to the cost. Previously, it was on a subscription from my Github Education Pack or whatever it's called. I can't justify spending $40 or so per month, for localization. In its stead, I may find a less-good alternative and put Finobe strings there. Or maybe I'll figure out whether it's worth hosting Pontoon in production for these strings.

This is the first step in making Finobe cheaper to host. "Finobe 2" is not quite here yet. In fact, I'm going to scrap the frontend (again) and redo it since I'm not too happy with how it ended up.

That is all. We are Finobe.